Church History


  On January 12, 1908 thirteen people from the Spicewood area met in the Spicewood Schoolhouse to organize a new missionary Baptist Church in Spicewood. Rev. Thornton Payne Constituted the Church and Rev. H.M. Crain from Marble Falls delived the Sermon. Rev. R.A. Mobley was selected Pastor of Spicewood Baptist Church (SBC) and the J.B. Pangle family gave four acres of land for the construction of the church building. Construction began in the Fall of 1911 and was completed during the Winter of 1912. In all, the Church Building cost $1,963.20. The Tabernacle was built in 1918 with lumber brought in from Austin on horse-drawn wagons. Gas Lanterns lighted the church until August 1938 when LCRA installed elecrticity for $18.00 per year. 

     Church Services were held each second Saturday and Sunday. There were services on Saturday evening, Sunday morning and evening, and Sunday School at 3:00 pm on Sunday afternoon. 


During the pastorate of Don Dickerson, new thermal windows were installed, the building was insulated and an air conditions system installed.  Not content with these improvements, a building fund was started.


On December 19, 1985 a parsonage was purchased, this later became known as the Friendship House. The Parsonage was used as a Sunday school room, a place for craft works, and a place to be utilized by the compassion ministries. Plans were also under way to remodel and enlarge the Church Building.  The interior of the old building was completely renovated with new paneling, cathedral ceiling, rest rooms and a baptistery, as well as a Pastor’s study and a large classroom.  The work was completed in the fall of 1986 and attendance and membership grew accordingly.


During 1991, it became clear that S.B.C. needed more space.  A Long Range Planning Committee was formed and there followed an extensive study of potential growth of the Spicewood area.  An all-purpose building , to include classrooms, pastor’s study, kitchen, and gymnasium was proposed to compensate for this proposed growth. The cost of the Family Life center cost $126,000.00, and was completely paid for when construction ended. It  was dedicated June 23, 1996. 


In 1997 the parking lot was paved and covered walkways were built with the money left from the building fund and a donation from The Friends of the Church.  The same year, the "educational building" was restored to its original state as an open tabernacle, and since that time has been used for services, concerts and fellowship dinners.


The Church record, Dated May 1913 states: “We do not feel that this report would be complete without our making mention of the assistance of the ladies’ aid in the work of building this (church) house.  They were the first to begin the agitation of building a Church home and the first in planning out ways and means by which a building fund might be started.  Setting aside pigs, calves, chickens, and produce to grow into marketable stuff to be sold, the proceeds of such go into the building for the Church.” Without the wise foresight, planning, dedication, sacrafice, and hard work of our founders and members since then our Church Family would not be where it is today!         



Mr. & Mrs. Sam Moore

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Davis 
 Mrs. J.B. Pangel

Mrs. John Gregg 
Miss Ada Fowler 
Mr. & Mrs. W.Y. Fowler 
Mr. & Mrs. J.M. Fowler 
Miss Gladys Fowler

Mr. Gus P. Fowler




 Bill McCormick

Blake White




Dec. 8 1907- First meeting to organize a Church in Spicewood

June 18, 1908 –     First people baptized : Mame Pagle, Sister Whitaker, and Bell Fowler

Winter 1912 –       Church Building completed

May 10, 1913-       Church Dedication Services

1913 –                     Joined Austin Baptist Association.

1913 -                     Charter Member Burnet-Llano Association

1918 –                    Tabernacle built

1939 –                    Electric Lights installed

1949 –                    Roof for the tabernacle built

1954 –                    Concrete floor poured for tabernacle, and benches built

1975/76 –              Enclosed the Tabernacle

1960 –                    Redesigned entry

1972 –                    Two air condition units installed

1975/76                 Tabernacle remodeled

1980–                     Central heat and air installed

1980 -                     Roof replaced

1980 -                     Thermal Windows installed

Dec.19, 1985-        Parsonage purchased later known as Friendship House

1986 –                     Sanctuary remodeled and enlarged

June 23, 1996         Family Life Center dedicated

1997-                       Parking Lot paved

1997 -                      Tabernacle restored to original state as open tabernacle.

Jan 12, 1908 –       Spicewood Baptist Church organized